Ancestral Medicine Making Certification Course

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Ancestral Medicine Making Certification Course

(Formerly, Indigenous Medicine Making Certification Course)

Are you drawn to herbs and creating healthy all-natural home remedies for yourself and your family?

Our Herbalist Merihelen Nunez will be holding one of our most popular herbal workshops on how to create and craft herbal remedies in this certification course by Tangled Root Botanicals. These are hands on experiential classes where you will gain valuable information on how to use herbs on therapeutic level for natural support.

​You'll learn how to make:

​-Medicinal Infusions

-​Herbal Salves and Oils
​-Tinctures and Elixirs 
​-Botanical Syrups and Electuaries
-Herbal Capsules and Pastilles 

We will be making something different in every class and you'll also receive recipes to take with you that will assist in your remedy productions at home! Class includes supplies for all your handmade creations and will be full of information, making, creating, laughing, great vibes and much happiness to have and give!

*Pre-registration is required for this class and payment is non-refundable. Space is super limited.

Classes are as follows:
Pre-registration is required as there is limited space.
Class Fee: $250

February 3rd, 6-9:30pm 
Part 1: Introduction to Plant Medicine, Medicinal Infusions, compresses Herbal oils and Salves

February 10th, 6-9:30pm
Part 2: Tinctures and Elixirs, and Botanical Syrups 

February  24th, 6-9:30pm
Part 3: Herbal Capsules and Pastilles and Electuaries  (Closing Potluck and Certificate Ceremony!)

Each student completing all 3 classes will take home a certificate of completion...a student's certificate from Tangled Root Botanicals reflects hands-on experience, learning absolute basics and fundamentals of indigenous ancestral herbal medicine making.  A certificate from Tangled Root Botanicals is to reflect that you have learned and created your own final products to support health and wellness that you can use for yourself, family and friends.  

All payments are non-refundable
Pre-registration is required as there is limited space.
Class Fee: $250 and includes all your supplies and all of your creations you get to take home!

 Here's what people are saying about this class:

"I absolutely adore your classes! They are so informative and fun to attend. As a teacher and mentor, you do so well with thoroughly explaining different subjects that we learn.  I leave class with even more excitement than when I walk in."

Rosie F

"I have become a student of Merihelen's and really love learning from her.  She is very knowledgeable and in her practice and offers modern solutions to managing stress and improving overall health"

Jennifer C

"Thanks for an amazing class, It will definitely benefit myself and my family all the great benefits herbs have.  Before taking this class I had no idea how powerful the herb family is, thanks for all the  love and support."

Jessica P.