Past Class: (Her)balism for Women

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Bring your knowledge full circle in learning what herbs to use to support the feminine (well)Be(ing). In this class you will learn about plants that may assist you in many areas of your life that you can utilize for yourself and share with others. Empower yourself with the knowledge on how to balance your hormones naturally, support the health of your reproductive organs and remedy infection and disease in a healthy natural way.

In this class you will learn how to make a custom tincture to address your specific needs and get to take it home!

Pre-registration is required for this class either by paying in full $65 or by making a $35 deposit by paying in shop, over the phone or online from 8/1/18. Deposits are non-refundable and you may make your deposit here to reserve your space in class. If making a deposit, remainder of balance will be due upon day of class before it begins. Please be on time :) and if you are paying the remainder of the class on that day be even a bit earlier. Day of class without prior deposit or pre-registration is $75 at the door.

Share it up ladies!

Sorry this is not a kid friendly event.