Good Night Sleep Tight Loose Leaf Tea

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A full, comfortable, great night's sleep doesn't have to be a dream!  Whatever the case of your sleepless nights, these classic sleep herbs have you covered...

Key Ingredients:

Valerian Root helps shorten sleep latency to get you to sleep faster and deeper.

Lavender flower relaxes the central nervous system allowing for a peaceful state of mind.  

Chamomile flower is a gentle powerhouse, both strong and effective in so many ways.  In this blend is supports gentle feelings of the heart, mind, and body.  It's lulling action may help center into calmness.

Skullcap leaf softens and rounds out consciousness.  Things that may have been a bother don't feel as important. Skullcap says 'I got this'.  It's warm, comfy and a touch hypnotic for me.  A dear friend indeed.

Lemonbalm has been used to decrease anxiety and grief.  It is gently grounding at the same time as it uplifts the soul.  Creates a bright and happy disposition.

Good Night Sleep Tight Loose Leaf Tea comes in a recyclable, glass container and holds 16 medicinal servings, (45 gms).

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.