A (most surprising) word about White Sage

For centuries humans have smoldered plants to clean and purify the air of toxins, especially during times of illness and prayer.

White sage is commonly known and used by many in the West. However, this sacred medicine is endangered and won't be around for future generations if we continue using it for anything other than the most sacred moments of our lives. I rarely ever carry it in the shop because of this reason.

Now is a perfect time to smudge, but please, consider doing so sustainably. White sage is only ONE of the plants our ancestors used. Try smoldering herbs that are in abundance like Lavender, Mugwort, Rose or Brittlebush, (which is actually found right here in the Arizona desert and looks very similar to California White sage).

When the time comes, it's appropriate, and you feel called to burn White sage do so wisely. I always suggest unbundling the wands and burning one leaf at a time. You may be surprised at how little you actually need; or, you can blend it with other plants to extend its contributions. #earthdayeveryday

-Merihelen Nunez


Written by Merihelen Nunez Creatress of Tangled Root Botanicals.

Merihelen Nunez is the Owner and Herbalist of Tangled Root Botanicals. She graduated from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts but has had many teachers before ever stepping into an herbal class or program. Before practicing at a professional level most of her education came from the plants themselves and her family. 

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