About us

Tangled Root Botanicals is a destination that infuses love, plants and wellness.  Together, along with Herbalist, Merihelen Nunez, they create a wild and living apothecary where nourishment is a passion and remedies are indulgent.

At the root of our mission we carefully formulate healthful products for the body and spirit.  TRB combines alchemy with skill, and science with art to provide you with true self-care and healing.

Our creations are made by hand with lots of love and desert vibes in the Historic District of Downtown Glendale, Az.  In our red-brick, we provide home to an organic apothecary in a modern tea room featuring woodworks from Co-owner Roberto Nunez of Man Meets Tree.  Here we foster connection with plants and people to provide education and empowerment for those on their wellness journey.

We are family run, and more often than not you may cross upon our children and grandchildren, reared in Western Herbalism, students before birth and rebellious leaders for the planet (...and sometimes their parents).  We are real people, we are practical and we are here for you.

We stand with Mother Nature and honor her land and inhabitants by adapting the greenest practices possible and thoughtfully work with others doing the same. 


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