Welcome to Tangled Root Botanicals an apothecary and tea cafe that infuses love, plants and wellness to support body, mind and spirit.  It's always been a dream of mine to create a wild and living apothecary where nourishing elixirs and herbal remedies become an indulgent practice of self-care.

Creatress, Merihelen Nunez

At Tangled Root Botanicals we combine alchemy with skill, and science with art to provide you with true wellness support.

These creations are made with my own hands in the 'valley of the sun', Glendale, Arizona.  Here we provide a home to an organic apothecary in a modern tea room where we foster connection with plants and people.  It's always our aim to provide education and empowerment for all those on their wellness journey.

We stand with Mother Nature and honor her land and inhabitants by adapting the greenest practices possible and thoughtfully work with others doing the same.