Fermented Apples with Herbs

I'm heading into fall like, (insert Oprah voice)...apples for you! Apples for you! Apples for you!!!

Be still my beating heart!
I was so inspired by Kraut Source's recipe for fermented seasonal apples and veggies I made this glorious little bae. I only added apples and herbs because I really wasn’t trying to get my #Martha on and it was so easy peasy, I thought, why the hell not- I’ve got 15.
So here’s the deets if ya wanna try:
I sliced up
-2 organic apples
I added..
5 teaspoons of salt to 2 and a half cups of water and stirred until it dissolved!
I picked...
Sprigs of Basil, Rosemary, Sage and sprinkled in a little nutmeg. I brought out a certain cinnamon stick whom was aimlessly floating around my home apothecary like it was made just for this moment! And, then I grabbed up one of my favorite Weck jars.
My process:
I simply sliced up the apples then added the salty water (brine) to cover after it was half way up the jar. I added the rest of the apples and added more salty water to cover. I strategically added the herbs- beautifully, for photography sakes and all...then pushed all the organic matter down with a couple of pickle pebbles and wha-la! Done... I added the glass top of my jar but it is on loosely by resting just a bit atop a pickle pebble to allow air to escape.
I’m going to let this sit for 10 to 12 days. That part’s hard AF because my gut is ready to ravish and feed all of it’s little flora but, (sigh, shaking head), I’ll just have to practice all the patience I can muster...
I’d love to know, what gets you into all the fall feels?
Napkin Zombie says HI!

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