Into the Deep Blue Lotus

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Blue Lotus has a long history of use as a tea and as a smoking ritual for sleep, anxiety, to induce vivid and lucid dreaming, and astral travel. It has also been used to support libido and has been said to induce feelings of euphoria.  

How I use it:

For a lighter feeling, say to calm anxiety, or a light meditative more present feeling, using a pinch added to another tea feels like it does the trick!

When I use a pinch of Blue Lotus in my tea I feel relaxed, my mind is slowed, I don't worry about anything and I feel present in the moment. I feel like I'm settling in to the now in a nice way that's enjoyable.

For a deeper more grounded feeling I will take up to 4 grams of the petals and use it as a tea.

When I use this healthy dose of Blue Lotus it makes me feel deep in thought, I feel like I'm at the very edge of a trip yet slow and still.  I'm sensitive and the thought of trip gets me anxious but not this, not Blue Lotus.  It just feels to me like I'm thinking of things I've never noticed or thought of before. I feel really connected and hyper focused on random things...after these experiences I just feel like I've created more awareness for myself.  I feel more in tuned with all of these things I've never thought of before.

In both cases I steep the tea until the blue of the lotus is faded from the petals.  This takes around 15-30 minutes.
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