New Moon Rituals

Can you feel the push of the upcoming Aries New Moon? I feel it STRONG; as if it is barrelling through the years of stagnation of turning my head away from important tasks from years ago that had never been resolved! It feels free and clear for desires to be welcomed into the fresh, clean energy of Spring.

Things I love to do on a new moon from the luscious to the "lazy".

I spend DAYS writing and mapping out my goals- how I am going to bring them to fruition, what my next steps will be, and quantifying this progress from the previous new moon to access where I stand.

I light candles, incense, and herbs and bask in their beautiful, recharging energy.

I take a spiritual bath, sometimes with plants, and other times I simply add Florida water to my hot tub.

I visualize (most times when bathing)...the water and moon just do numbers on me, heightening my intuition and keep me still for contemplation.

I pray. I offer. I thank.

I sit under the darkness and sip a brew...could be tea...could be beer.

I have a chat with my favorite, late, ancestors.

Sometimes I do nothing but thank the sky...

What rituals do you partake in? I'd love to hear!

Harness the energy, be bold and aim for everything your heart desires!

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