Sea Moss, So What's the Big Deal?

More and more people are discovering one of the most sought-after, nourishing, sea weeds on earth.


Welp if this is new to y’all, Sea Moss lives up the high standard of being a supernatural, high vibrational plant that has been used for around 14,000 years to positively boost and catapult the body in so many ways!

It has been historically used for:

Supporting proper immune function and cleansing the blood of impurities that cause dis-ease, like mucus and harmful pathogens.

Sea Moss contains 92 out of the 102 minerals that humans need to survive and sustain a healthy well being.

It supports brain function, mood, sleep joints, digestion, sexual health, energy and endurance!

It may improve blood sugar, decrease bad cholesterol and alkalizes the blood.

Combined with earthy Burdock root, all 102 minerals the human body needs are readily available and present.

Consuming Sea Moss for me is thanking my body on a spiritual level, cleansing my cells, cleansing out negativity, supporting all my organs, and letting me feel my best self.

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