Arizona Sunset Tea Loose Leaf Tea

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Anti-oxidant, sunny, tea-love in a jar

The plus is that you will find out how yummy taking care of yourself by fighting free-radicals can be.  Everyone from great-grandfolks to the tiny tots find this delicious tea as appealing and wonderful as the desert sunsets that enter the shop windows in the evening.   

Key Ingredients:

Red Rooibos- supports healthy blood pressure and circulation, aids in shiny hair and bright, glowing skin. Supports the prevention of cancer and diabetes.  Boosts bone health and may aid in weight loss!

Orange peel- is high in Vitamin C and A.  Supports a healthy immune system, fights cancer and is a yummy anti-oxidant.  It has the potential to keep your skin and brain healthy and happy by preventing disorders such as Alzheimers and promoting healthy skin and tissue.

Spearmint leaf- has been historically used as a digestive aid and may help reduce stress and strengthen the immune system.  It's in the background of this blend providing a fresh uplifting flavor.

Hibiscus flower- Suddly tart and sweet in this infusion, Hibiscus flower has been used in the past to decrease appetite and is full of flavor.  Hibiscus has been used to decrease high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It may reduce the risk of cancer.  Speed up metabolism and aids in weight loss.  It also supports healthy liver function!

Arizona Sunset Loose Leaf Tea comes in a recyclable, glass container and holds  55 gms and has 50 servings.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.