Breathe Easy Herbal Salty Steam

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Allergies and sinus infections are no joke in the desert! Summer colds and viruses are still alive and kicking during our hot season in the Southwest. 

When things get us a little down and out our family turns to Breathe Easy Herbal Salty Steam. 

If I could describe how it makes me feel I’d say it’s like an instant soothing spa on my sick, puffy face, it gently supports my lungs, it relaxes the nervous system, and I have an overwhelming desire to thank all of nature and plants. 

Key ingredients include:

Eucalyptus leaf: This aromatic leaf is a natural decongestant and anti-inflammatory that has been historically used for colds, flu, lung infections, sore throats, headaches and allergies.  It is often used to support immunity and joints.  

Peppermint leaf: This plant is a staple in the remedy of digestion support.  It has been historically used nausea, muscular cramps and pain, headaches and  allergies.

Chamomile flower: This is a gentle but very strong acting plant that is widely underestimated.  It is antibacterial, antiviral and has been historically used to promote relaxation of the central nervous system, reduce stress physically and emotionally and boosts immunity. 

Lavender flower: Another invaluable plant that helps sooth internal and external stressors.  Highly antioxidant it may aid a youthful appearance, soothing skin and lulling the body. 

160 mg