Elderberry Syrup- Local pickup only

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Fresh Organic Elderberry Syrup for local pick up only.

It is made with all-organic ingredients and local honey from just down the street in Glendale, Az.

It's that time of year, viruses and infections are rearing their ugly heads; with traditional herbal remedies we can help our bodies recover faster by boosting our immune system naturally utilizing our herbal allies!


Elderberries*: High amounts of Vitamin C and Antioxidants. Elderberry has been proven to decrease the length of and severity of influenza and viral infections

Ginger root*: Helpful with digestive issues, has shown to be effective in fighting viruses and bacteria by supporting the immune system and has also been used to decrease pain

Cinnamon bark*: both Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory it fights free-radicals and defends the body from bacteria and pathogens.

Cloves: an anti-inflammatory herb traditionally used in elixirs to support immunity, historically used for digestive issues, fights germs, pathogens and bacteria by increasing white blood cell count.  


Local Honey from San-Moni