Patchouli Body and Massage Oil

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Indulgent, grounding, and wild.  It's every bit exotic, yet particularly familiar and vaguely reminiscent. 
Patchouli- it's either loved or hated and the ones that are in love with this heavily fragrant leaf appear to float away in aromatic bliss when discovering this decadent oil.  
This ancient leaf is prized for its ability to sooth inflammation and uplift the spirit but does so much more!
Our Patchouli Massage Oil combines the charitable nods of organic Patchouli essential oil with the lavish and annotating nature of carrier oils carefully formulated to sink in deeply, nourishing tissues and penetrating the surface.
  • Comes in 100% Recyclable Packaging
  • Handmade in Glendale, Az
  • Responsible, Ethical & Sustainable

Tangled Root Botanicals is commited to crafting earth friendly, plant based products.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.