Food is Medicine!

Hi All!

We are very excited to announce that we now are starting to provide you with healthy, plant based food.  We use organic whenever possible and have many vegan options!

What sets us apart from what most are doing out there is that we are combining our love and passion for herbal remedies with a long awaited desire to nourish people with food.  It's a beautiful marriage of health and longevity when bringing these two worlds together.

Aside from our specialty salads we are preparing remedies that you can take with you on the go!

Like Golden Milk, we like to call ours Golden Moon Mylk, it's just fun. If your asking what Golden Milk is it is a drink used for centuries in Eastern medicine, it is included in the Ayurvedic philosophy.  The main ingredient used is Turmeric root.

We include Turmeric Root, Cinnamon bark, Ginger rhizome, and Cayenne pepper in our blend and sweeten it with organic golden coconut sugar.

Benefits of these plants are:

Turmeric root- this root is prized for it's anti-inlammation actions and has been used in the past for everything from pain in joints, skin conditions, cancer, diabetes and obesity just to name a few!

Cinnamon bark- other than being completely flavorful, cinnamon packs a great deal of antioxidants that help keep us feeling youthful and healthy!  It has also been show to lower blood sugar, fight obesity, and fungal infections.  The list is a long one because it's amazing and delicious, and in our Golden Moon Mylk.  

Ginger root/ rhizome- speaking of long list this root and is considered a "universal medicine".  It is anti-fungal, anti-depressant, supports digestion and allows our food to be more bio-available in our systems.  This plant is invaluable to my family when cold and flu season spurs it's ugly head and I can literally use this in every dish and drink I make.  

Cayenne pepper- brings that spice to the mix, also creating an ideal situation for all these wonderful plant remedies to become more bio-available to the body.  We love it for pain and use it topically in salves like our Spicy Bite Warming Salve.  Internally it is thermogenic and may assist in weight management, and keeping our gut on point by aiding our body's defenses from nasty microbes and ill bacteria.

So you see Golden Milk is beneficial for many reasons, whether that is to boost immunity, spike our energy, warm our body, or decrease inflammation.

We got you covered.  Swing by the shop to pick up a jar or grab a bag to take home!


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