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Medicinal Micro-dosing with Culinary Plants

April 14th, 2020   12pm-1pm
Gomasio is a traditional Japanese sesame salt that is simple to make.  Being plant obsessed, I will show you my spin on this highly versatile seasoning so you'll be able to personalize it to your exact needs.  I will show you how I make it, how I use it, ways it could be varied, as well as what plants I use...
April 21st, 2020   12pm-1pm
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April 28th, 2020   12pm-1pm
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Below classes are held at Tangled Root Botanicals, 5731 W. Glendale, Glendale, Az 85301.
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Making Anti-inflammatory Ghee
Feb. 22, 2020  
6pm-8pm, $55     
Pre-registration only

Natural Skin Care Beauty Basics (3 class series)
$100 (includes the compete series) or,
each class may be sold separately for $40 by clicking on the links below
All classes are from 6pm-7:30pm, Pre-registration is required.

March 4th, 2020
Masks and Natural cleansers

March 11th, 2020
Toner and Infused Compresses

March 18th, 2020
Botanical facial oils

Crafting Personal Perfumes
March 27th, 2020
$40 pre-registration or $50 at the door

Medicinal Vinegars
April 1st, 2020
$40 pre-registration or $50 at the door

Spring Tonics and Elixirs for Detoxification

April 18th, 2020
$45 pre-registration or $55 at the door

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